The Construction Division focuses on successfully acquiring and executing complex, integrated projects in the fields of housing, non-residential building and mobility. With our expertise and skills we can really make a difference for both our clients and users. We work as one collective construction and infrastructure company. Short lines of communication ensure that we are always aware of how the work is progressing. We use best practices and learn from each other. Ballast Nedam Construction’s activities are divided into four segments:

Building Projects

Unusual architecture, a large-scale development or an inaccessible construction site – no project is too challenging for Building Building Projects. Practice has shown that this project organisation can realise the most complex public or commercial building projects. Building Projects reports directly to the Management of Ballast Nedam Construction, creating a very short line to projects.

Infra Projects

A perfect infrastructure is the engine that drives our country. Infra Projects likes to keep it running. This project organisation can increase the capacity of ports, build bridges, construct tunnels and widen roads, handling everything from design right through to maintenance, while also keeping the future and environmental aspects in mind. Infra Projects also reports directly to the Management of Ballast Nedam Construction, creating a very short line to projects. 

Regions Companies

Regional Companies is divided into three geographical areas: the northern, central and southern Netherlands. Within these units, the independently and regionally operating enterprises Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling (northern Netherlands) and Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling (southern Netherlands) are actively involved in new-build, renovation, restoration and maintenance projects. In the central Netherlands we operate from Capelle. In this segment our modular concepts for residential and commercial construction in particular can be used both for new-development projects and renovations. This distinctive portfolio, which includes innovative industrial building methods, is offered by iQwoning® and Ursem Modular Building Systems.

Specialized Companies

The expertise of our specialised companies is of tremendous distinctive value and enables us to provide high-quality technical solutions for the markets around us and for our own acquired projects. By clustering these companies, we create focus and generate synergies between the business units. We distinguish between the Marine and Civil (including offshore and specialised foundation, earthmoving and anchoring activities), Road Specialities (all asphalt/infrastructure-related specialities) and Parking clusters.

Modular products

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