Building Projects

Rising to every challenge

Whether a project involves unusual architecture, large-scale construction or a site that is difficult to access or has to remain in use while the work is carried out, for us no challenge is too great. We have demonstrated that we have all the expertise needed to tackle the most complex public and commercial construction projects, ensuring that when finished it will retain its functional value well into the future. We achieve this while minimising any inconvenience during the work.

Using limited space in a smart way

The Netherlands is becoming more and more densely developed. Our clients recognise this and are looking for smart solutions that do more with less space. Discussions therefore increasingly revolve around multifunctionality and the need for a structure to retain its (functional) value throughout its life. These are aspects that we already consider during the design phase with our clients. We engineered the station complex in Breda, for example, in such a way that all functions work efficiently in a single building without having an impact on each other.

Handling all aspects of complex projects

Our construction expertise and innovativeness are valued highly by our clients. They also appreciate our flexibility during the process. We understand that, when the construction work is over, our clients want us to deliver a state-of-the-art building. Making changes along the way is therefore part and parcel of the process. In the case of the Erasmus Medical Centre, for example, we implemented the very latest technologies and incorporated additional rooms/sections. What our clients possibly appreciate most, however, is the fact that they can entrust us with all aspects of a complex project, including activities after the completion. Besides maintenance, we can also take care of facility management, for example, as is the case at the Kromhout Barracks in Utrecht.

Making the most incredible ideas achievable

Our people have acquired a wealth of experience when it comes to constructing complex buildings in challenging environments. They are environmentally sensitive in their approach and understand how to build in a confined space and with minimum inconvenience. Thanks to their open-minded attitude, they are able to look beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines and come up with innovative solutions, ensuring that the most incredible ideas can actually be achieved. Take the unusual station in Arnhem, for example, for which concrete was chosen as a material by the architect. We replaced this with shipbuilding steel, a material that is every bit as beautiful, but one that also made the design more practicable.

5 x Building Projects
  1. From idea through to completion – we take care of everything
  2. Best price/quality ratio over the entire life of the structure
  3. We make unusual architecture achievable
  4. Forward-looking building solutions: sustainable and flexible
  5. New builds, reconstruction, renovation, transformation and integrated area development