Infrastructure Projects

Keeping the Netherlands moving

A perfectly functioning infrastructure is the engine that drives the Dutch economy. We help to keep this infrastructure working. We increase the capacity of ports, build bridges and tunnels, and widen roads, taking care of the entire process, from design through to maintenance, while also keeping the future and environmental aspects in mind.

Creative infrastructure and spatial solutions

The projects our clients contact us about relate to safety, availability, accessibility and mobility. Increasingly, however, they also concern quality of life and economic development. Take the example of our project in Amsterdam, where we are improving traffic flows and, at the same time, helping to improve air quality and reduce traffic noise by widening the A9 and constructing a land tunnel. This economically important artery will be kept open during the work thanks to a reversible lane, which we constructed first. When faced with complex and challenging problems, we will come up with creative, practicable solutions.

Early involvement generates added value

Our greatest strength is our integrated and creative approach. The added value we offer will be even more tangible for the client if we are involved at an early stage, as in the case of the project to expand the capacity of the lock at Stavoren. The surprising solution we came up with involved building a second lock, ensuring that there would be no disruption to shipping traffic during the work. This is another aspect that our clients appreciate: the way we divide the process into phases and the construction method we employ help keep the existing infrastructure available as much as possible. In other words, any inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

Experts who work together efficiently

Our people are true experts in their field. What characterises them most of all, however, is their people-oriented and open-minded attitude. Our employees are capable of looking beyond their own discipline and work together efficiently and pleasantly. These are the kind of people we want on our team. They are also people who take the environment into account, sometimes in a very direct way, as was the case when we were constructing the new N31 near Harlingen, for example. Our employees visited schools and entered into discussion with residents during “kitchen-table” sessions – an example of social involvement that works.

5 x Infra Projects
  1. From idea through to completion – we take care of everything
  2. Best price/quality ratio during the entire life of the structure
  3. Integrated environmental management, including (amendment of) zoning plans
  4. All specialisms (waterworks, engineering works and roadbuilding) covered in-house
  5. Optimum availability of infrastructure while work is carried out