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This part of the website contains all the information that is important to current shareholders.

All documents and forms relating to the annual and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings can be found on the page of the most recent AGM.

The documents of previous years can be found in the archive.

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AGM 2016
EGM 2015
AGM 2015

Administration Office

Name Date of birth Date of initial appointment Date of reappointment End of term of office
W.F.C. Baars 18-01-1948 01-06-2009 25-02-2016 29-06-2019*
L.H. Keijts 27-09-1952 08-04-2010 25-04-2014 25-04-2018*
P.C. van der Linden 06-01-1953 25-04-2014   25-04-2018*


*  At least until the first General Meeting of Certificate Holders which will be held after four years have lapsed since his latest appointment.

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Replated documents

Corporate Governance

Document Link
Articles of Association of Ballast Nedam N.V.  (30 December 2015) PDF
Code of Conduct PDF
Compliance reporting regulation PDF
Ballast Nedam N.V. Board of Management Regulations (20 November 2015) PDF
Elements of contracts Board of Management  PDF
Regulations for the Supervisory Board (20 November 2015) PDF
Annex A: the profile of the size and composition of the Supervisory Board PDF
Regulations Audit Committee (20 November 2015) PDF
Regulation Remuneration Committee (20 November 2015) PDF
Regulations Selection and Appointment Committee (20 November 2015) PDF
Report of the Supervisory Board 2015 PDF
Corporate Governance Statement 2016 PDF
Compliance overview Ballast Nedam N.V. (April 2017) PDF