Ballast Nedam – Breaking new ground together

In 2016, Ballast Nedam re-invented itself, after having had some difficult years. In following period, Ballast Nedam showed that again it belongs to the leading construction companies. This is demonstrated in the awarding of great projects, the development of innovative and sustainable initiatives and the employment of more talented and inspiring colleagues. The guiding principle in this is to continually strengthen the company and make it more efficient. This is consolidated in the strong ambition: being the most competitive construction company in the Netherlands, ranking among the top three construction companies in the country.

Breaking new ground together

This is reflected in the new corporate identity. An identity that justifies the vision and mission and that shows who Ballast Nedam and its employees are. The new corporate identity is designed around the new pay-off: Breaking new ground together. Two words that enclose several meanings. Among others it means challenging each other go the extra mile. Strengthening and challenging each other to come up with smart solutions which will lead to a better performance. Not only among colleagues,  but also together with clients, suppliers and the environment Ballast Nedam operates in.

Core principles of the new look-and-feel
  • The employees of Ballast Nedam. Professionals with a passion for their job. People and projects are inextricably linked, because neither can exist without the other;
  • Maintaining the recognisable logo and blue colour;
  • The use of font, colour and imagery show that Ballast Nedam is down to earth, keeping both feet on the ground.

This new corporate identity fits with the company Ballast Nedam has become and its current ambitions. Watch our corporate video, designed in accordance with our new corporate style, here