Erasmus MC receives the key to the new hospital

After twenty years of preparation and 8 years of construction, Erasmus MC received the key to the new hospital on 5 December. Consortium ‘Nieuwbouw Erasmus MC’ (comprising of Ballast Nedam and BAM) officially handed over the hospital, designed by EGM architecten, to the board of Erasmus MC by signing the completion documents.

Consortium ‘Nieuwbouw Erasmus MC’, completed one of the largest construction projects of Holland. The dominating emotion is pride.

“The new hospital has been built within its timeframe and budget. That on itself is nowadays unique. And the huge project had to be built in the city centre. That called for a tight organisation, schedule and management. But mainly for an excellent corporation between the parties involved. This has resulted in a building of high quality, containing a lot of complex technology. Everybody did a tremendous job,” states Fred Reurings, project director of the consortium.

Maarten Huisman, managing director EGM, confirms. “For years we have built next to the existing hospital, that remained in full operation. The care for the patients, education and research could continue as normal. Good coordination and communication, with all parties involved, was crucial during the construction of the new hospital. We were fortunate to be able to contribute to the ambitions of Erasmus MC and therefor played Champions League for many years.”

After 5 December Erasmus MC will work hard to prepare the transfer to the new hospital. The transfer is to be expected in May 2018. The building needs to be furnished and the healthcare professionals need to be trained. You have to find your way again in a new building. In the new hospital implies new processes.

Chairman of the board, Ernst Kuipers, is sure about one thing: “After May 2018, thé university medical centre of the 21st century, will be here in the city centre of Rotterdam. Innovative, sustainable and designed by the healing environment principles. With lots of natural light, vegetation and a warm and comfortable interior, designed to reduce stress during a hospital visit.”

“The care provided, facilities and emotional support are tailored to the values, preferences and needs of the patient and his family. Patients and their doctors and healthcare professionals, together take control of their illness and health. Healthcare professionals have the ability to further develop themselves is a state of the art environment.