Further strengthening of our existing organisation

In the first quarter of 2017, we have realised positive operational results in accordance with our expectations. To be able to enhance the results we have strengthened our existing organisation. We have attracted various new employees who bring the expertise we need to be more efficient and competitive.

Lately the following persons were appointed to take our business to the next level:

As the costs of a façade increase, there is a strong need for optimizing design, budget, performance and quality. This is why Mutlu Dükel (39) has been appointed as Façade Coordinator at Procurement. He is responsible to examine the market and suppliers for new products and materials that can help in optimising the procurement. Previously Mutlu has gained experience in several organisations that are specialised in façade solutions.

The positive operational results are achieved (among others) by the improvement of our order portfolio. To be able to keep our order portfolio strong we need team players as Marcel Weekers who can work closely with our clients. Marcel Weekers (50) has been appointed as Project Director for Building Projects. He will work on the redesign and extension of the international KLM Crown Lounge at Schiphol. Previously Marcel has gained experience in managing positions as Director at Hurks, Kolen Groep and Heijmans.

In this context we also appointed Ron de Koning (56) as Project Manager for Building Projects. He will be operationally responsible at our project ‘Mall of the Netherlands’. Previously Ron has held several management positions e.g. Operations Director at Boele & van Eesteren and JP van Eesteren.