Ballast Nedam enters long-term contract with PON

For the lease of her fleet and delivery of all passenger cars, Ballast Nedam has contracted Pon's Automobielhandel and Volkswagen PON Financial Services in a multi-year contract. Furthermore, the construction company has chosen to outsource the full management of their fleet to fleetkennis. In addition to utilizing efficiency opportunities within her projects, Ballast Nedam has taken the next step to become the most cost-efficient and competitive player in the Dutch market.

Creative use of efficiency

Previously, Ballast Nedam's fleet consisted of 18 car brands and was contracted with several leasing companies. Switching to Pon's Automobielhandel and VWPFS limits our brand policy and creating a very clear and efficient leasing policy. This has allowed us to make a significant positive impact on both the cost and management of our fleet.

Quick transition

The last of the cars will be soon exchanged at five selected Fleetport locations and the entire fleet will be managed by fleetkennis for the next two years.