Structure of the east side of the Amsterdam ArenA completed

The installation of the last part of the enormous 'cushion wall' marked the official completion of the structure and wall building activities on the east side of the Amsterdam ArenA. This has extended the galleries of the first and second rings on the east side of the multifunctional stadium to more than three times their original width. The surface area of the ArenA has thus been expanded by the size of approximately one soccer field. The renovation of the east side, including the provision of all fixtures and fittings, is expected to be completed next summer.

The east side of the Amsterdam ArenA has undergone a major change over these past twelve months. The outlines and the impressive visual effect have become visible.

The renovation of the east side of the Amsterdam ArenA marks the first phase of the largest renovation since its opening in 1996. The ArenA will transform both internally and externally, in order to create more comfort and space for visitors. The renovation will also transform the outside look of the stadium: the shape of Amsterdam ArenA will change from concave to convex.

An enormous, transparent cushion wall has been installed on the east side to make sure that the stadium will continue to look as one whole. In combination with the broadening of the gallery, one of the effects this will produce will be a spectacular view of the second ring. The new entrance on the east side and the addition of multiple escalators, will increase the comfort for visitors. A study is also being done to see whether it would be possible to collect and reuse the rainwater that runs down the walls in the future.

First phase of the stadium renovation

The first phase of the renovation of the Amsterdam ArenA addresses the galleries on levels 4 and 7 and the restaurant on level 6 on the east side of the stadium. The renovation is mainly an investment in improving the quality of the stadium and will not expand the number of seats.

The renovation mainly goal is to give visitors who come to watch Ajax or the Dutch national team play, concertgoers and visitors to the many other large-scale events, more space and comfort. Four European Championship matches will also be played in the Amsterdam ArenA in 2020.

The ArenA has continued to invest in quality, innovation and sustainability over these past 20 years. This renovation is in line with this vision as it will enable the ArenA to maintain its position in the top league of multifunctional stadiums worldwide.

Watch the timelapseĀ of the renovation.