Ecoduct Zeepoort

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland is a unique nature reserve that became fragmented over time. The construction of Ecoduct Zeepoort over the Zeeweg ensures a good connection between the subregions in the National Park. Besides, the ecoduct is beneficial for the exchange of plant and animal species. In this way, the flora and fauna in the area remains healthy.

Doing justice to the unique location of the Zeeweg and Bloemendaal’s desire for a special solution regarding the ecoduct, high ambitions have been set for the appearance of the ecoduct. During the selection, the scenic integration was the key assessment criterion. The design submitted by Ballast Nedam was considered to be best, we were there for awarded with the project. Apart from the design, which ensures optimal experience of the dune scenery, road safety and social safety of cyclists and pedestrians are also taken into account.

Road safety

The new ecoduct creates a larger habitat for plants and animals, like the deer, weasel, blindworm, sand lizard, natterjack toad, wild rose and several butterfly species. As soon as they find it, larger animals like the deer will use the ecoduct to cross the road. Hence the risk of collision decreases and road safety improves.

Huge task

Both the design and way of construction possess unique characteristics. When driving through the ‘Zeemeeuw’, you will see a beautiful ribbed pattern, which reminds you of a ‘beachsite on which water and wind have done their job’. A huge task, though with an excellent result, according to the project manager.

In order to constrain the inconvenience for traffic during the pouring of 24,000m3 concrete, an ambitious 24-hour approach has been chosen. This way, the Zeeweg could be reopened in good time before the first beach tourists wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Due to the proper planning and favourable conditions, the project was even completed three months ahead of schedule.

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Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland

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Project Information

Project Phase: Completed

Construction Time: 2016 - 2017

Client: Province Noord-Holland

Contract: D&C contract with EMVI

Contractual value: €3,350,000

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