Johan Cruijff ArenA

The Johan Cruijff ArenA was already quite distinctive twenty years ago. And the renovation that has been planned for the near future will ensure that this stadium will continue to remain a talking piece and will once again live up to the ambition of being a modern and attractive stadium. Not only for major football matches, but also for other events such as concerts.

Four European Championship matches will be played in the Johan Cruijff ArenA in 2020. But the ArenA wants to expand before then. Not capacity-wise, but quality-wise. By providing more comfort, more modern facilities, and more space than twenty years ago, when we built the ArenA. Since visitor flows now sometimes grind to a halt at busy times, It has been decided to expand the gallery to create more space and comfort for visitors.

The show must go on

Phase 1 of this project consists of us, the main contractor and builder, giving the east side of the ArenA a larger gallery and restaurant. We will do so by building a ‘cushion wall’ – an EFTE wall –, thus transforming the concave outside of the gallery into a convex one. We are also opening up walls and building over the existing road that runs under the ArenA, whilst ensuring that matches and events can continue as usual. The show must go on!

Generating space

Visitors react enthusiastically: they are proud that we are going to work on their ArenA and make it even more beautiful. And the Johan Cruijff ArenA appreciates our open and solutions-oriented collaboration. When major acts like Armin van Buuren perform, we will temporarily generate more space for the different car and visitor traffic flows, e.g. by relocating fences or adjusting the work. We are now exploring the possibility of doing phase 2 (the north side) and phase 3 (the south side) at the same time.


Amsterdam Zuidoost

Project Information

Project Phase: In progress

Construction Time: 2017 - 2020

Characteristics: Building in, and against, an existing building. With an EFTE wall, from a concave to a convex outside surface.

Client: Amsterdam ArenA N.V.

Fellow-contractors: Vector Foiltech (EFTE wall), KONE (transport installations), UNICA (electrical/mechanical installations)

Market: Entertainment