New building for Erasmus Medical Centre

Maximum quality on a tight construction site.

In the heart of Rotterdam we are building a new future proof academic hospital on a tiny construction site. Right next to the hospital that will remain operational during construction. A once in a lifetime opportunity, according to the board of the Erasmus Medical Centre. The design therefore requires the highest standards in functionality, appearance, hygiene, safety and construction. A great challenge for us.

We needed  to create space, to be able to the construction at the current location. We therefore adjusted it with small renovations, walkways, we shifted entries and modified directions. Even then, our construction site remains really small. Also because in the middle of the construction site the building will remain operational  until its users will relocate.

Hospital operational during construction

The current hospital and its close surroundings remain in use during the construction. Which means we have to take– sometimes really frail - patients, the numerous visitors, suppliers, local residents and people passing by into account. We are taking specific measures to prevent any disturbance and nuisance, like soundproofing sheaths around the pile-driving installation, the surveillance of routes and safety and we stay in close consultation with employees and local residents .

Logistical puzzle

Due to the small construction site, we decided to reserve space to store trucks in the Rotterdam harbour area. We can call at the exact  moment we need them. The project plan for the new build in itself was already challenging, but became even more challenging because of the several adjustments of the design during construction. The client, for example, added an entire extra building. No problem, we’ll make sure we’ll complete the project within the original planning.



  • construction
  • future proof
  • operational during construction
Project Information

Project Phase: Completed

Market: Healthcare, education

Client: Erasmus MC

Contractual value: At the start, €450,000,000, after additional work €610,000,000

Contract: Build only

Building time: 2009 - 2017

Global Goals