Innovation is deeply ingrained in our organization. We aim to offer our customers added value through practical innovations. We focus not only on renewing and improving our products and techniques, but also on optimizing our processes by means of improvements. Our approach to innovation sets us apart from others and strengthens our position in the integrated projects market. Our conviction is that innovation leads to opportunities for sustainability.

Ballast Nedam has operated the tok! Open virtual innovation network since 2010. This enables Ballast Nedam’s employees and stakeholders to jointly develop and implement new innovations in an open innovation environment.

Partly on the basis of the internal investigation into the innovation performance, an improvement plan was drawn up in 2014 with the aim of raising the innovation performance to a higher level.

The main points of this improvement plan are:

  • A clearly link between Ballast Nedam’s strategy and the vision of innovation;
  • Drawing up an ‘innovation business roadmap’ which broadly reflects the innovation strategy for the years ahead;
  • Taking appropriate decisions with regard to ideas and innovation projects;
  • Greater focus on innovations within individual divisions and companies;
  • Appointing an Innovation liaison officer in each division. This officer will be responsible for innovation-related matters in each division;
  • Managing idea teams and allocating resources in consultation with the liaison officer concerned in order to implement projects more effectively.

The new innovations fit with our focus on energy. Industrialization and modular construction.

For more information, we refer to our integrated annual report.