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Although much of our purchasing is decentralized, the General Contracts Purchasing Department (Inkoop Algemene Contracts, IAC) conducts a number of support activities centrally.

Management of framework agreements

IAC manages the national and regional agreements entered into centrally by Ballast Nedam. Most of these are framework agreements covering products and services that are needed by almost every project, that can be standardized and that are an administrative burden. Examples include waste disposal, ironmongery and tools, timber, sheeting and building supplies.

Purchasing support

IAC supports business units without their own purchasing function in reaching agreements with suppliers. 

It also helps departments to deal with changes that might affect their suppliers and subcontractors, such as the establishment of the Financial Services Centre.

Pooling information

Because most of our purchasing is decentralized, good communication and sharing knowledge are essential. IAC puts a lot of effort into communication, with a purchasing newsletter, site visits and reports. It also ensures that the supplier and subcontractor details in our information systems are complete and accurate.

If you have any questions about framework agreements or would like to become a supplier, see the contact page to find out how to reach IAC.

Compliance Screening of Suppliers and Subcontractors

The great majority of Ballast Nedam’s suppliers and subcontractors are registered in our Central Supplier Database (Centraal Leveranciers Bestand), and all those who are listed there are subject to regular integrity screening. Conducted by an independent agency using open sources, this procedure has examined all relevant information for the past five years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to the regular procedures, ad-hoc screenings may also be conducted.

To raise staff awareness of our compliance guidelines and to ensure that they are followed correctly, we have implemented a number of integrity aids. One is an intranet tool for checking invitations, gifts and incidents against our policy. Feedback from this tool is monitored and dealt with following a set procedure.

Ballast Nedam takes a zero-tolerance approach to breaches of our compliance policy and code of conduct. Whenever a possible violation is reported, we launch a thorough investigation. Any confirmed breach triggers immediate action. Our terms of business and all our purchasing agreements refer explicitly to this policy, and any infringement of it is treated as a breach of contract.

By tightening up our policy along these lines, Ballast Nedam is further reiterating our commitment to absolute corporate integrity. We expect our own personnel as well as our suppliers and subcontractors to adhere to these principles.

Electronic Invoicing

Via electronic invoicing, you as supplier provide your billing information in a fixed XML format, together with a PDF file of the invoice and any attachments. The XML data file is directly read in Ballast Nedam financial system, allowing your invoice to be processed faster. Ballast Nedam can accept various XML standards such as S @ les in Bouw 2.0, INSBOU003, INSBOU004 and UBL 2.0.
If you have any questions about electronic (XML) invoices, please contact us through for further information.

If you are not able to submit an electronic (XML) invoice, we request you to submit your invoices digitally (in PDF) via e-mail. Each Ballast Nedam company has a specific e-mail address for receipt of invoices, format: invoice- ... - .. @ You can find a complete list in the overview of Ballast Nedam Companies to be used for invoicing.

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