Vision, Mission and Values

The basic principles for our strategy are established in our vision, mission and values. They direct and guide us and show who we are.


Our vision is to be the most competitive construction company in the Netherlands, ranking among the top three construction companies in the country.


Our mission is to engage our customers and partners in a direct and open dialogue that will enable us to jointly develop future-proof buildings and infrastructure from dream to reality. We link this to our cost effectiveness, technology, and global expertise, focusing on operational excellence. This is how we achieve ground-breaking solutions.

Our most important assets are our employees, who are experienced, skilled and hands-on. We retain and motivate them by being an inspiring and dynamic employer with challenging projects in which they can demonstrate their expertise, passion for the profession and entrepreneurship.



When it comes to quality we don’t compromise. Our quality is reflected in our people, processes and materials. They are the ingredients that make up the quality we stand for in our signature projects.


We are open, reliable and honest in our relationships with clients, colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers and partners. We work together, accept responsibilities and are consistent. We build trust.


We are fully aware that safety is our ‘licence to operate’. We must be able to guarantee safety, it is the only way we can realise ground-breaking projects. This is why we are always fully aware of the risks that can be posed by our work.


We can only be successful by working in teams. These teams include clients, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and colleagues. In this way, we jointly seek and achieve the best solution. We respect each other and act accordingly.

Passion for the profession

We are true professionals. We love our profession and we love a challenge. That unites us, and gives us the energy to push boundaries. It’s the driving force for continuous improvement and innovation. As a result, we understand the complex challenges and interests of our clients and partners. It gives us the ability to offer innovative and sustainable solutions.

Down to earth

We are always realistic. No matter how spectacular the project may be. That is what we are: hardworking and straightforward. It gives us the strength to deliver projects on schedule within budget.

Risk Management


Ballast Nedam’s risk management is based on the following three principles.

The aim of risk management is to keep the risks which the organization incurs through its activities in line with its risk appetite.

Risk management is an integral part of all business activities and runs through the entire project life cycle. 

The Ballast Nedam Board of Management has ultimate responsibility for the way in which Ballast Nedam deals with risks. Ballast Nedam manages its operations within a structure comprising three divisions based on products and processes. The divisional directors apply the holding company’s risk management policy to the business units in their own division. They also oversee compliance with the policy within the specified limits.

Risk philosophy

The aim of Ballast Nedam’s risk management policy is to ensure that Ballast Nedam only takes responsible business risks. The probability of these risks and any consequences thereof must not harm the business flow. For example, we have set a low risk appetite for the Safety, Compliance and Financial risk areas. Ballast Nedam considers the management of risks to be a core competence, which is firmly embedded in the various projects we implement. Both within individual projects and across all projects as a whole we apply methodologies that are commonly used in the Construction and Infrastructure sector. That also makes it possible to communicate on risk management with parties in the chain.

For more information about risk and risk management within Ballast Nedam, we refer to the Annual Report.