International Projects

Large-scale projects in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean

We handle all aspects of construction in challenging environments, from design and financing through to implementation and maintenance. These kinds of projects are undertaken in our focus areas within Asia, Africa and the Caribbean – areas that have a great deal of potential, but where conditions are often difficult. The strong international network of which we are part of, with the Renaissance group, helps us bring these projects to a successful conclusion.

Realising ambitions

Our clients are ambitious. They want to have the best port facilities, a state-of-the-art hospital or sufficient, and completely safe, drinking water for a city with over a million inhabitants, for example. However, they are also faced with certain barriers. These may be financial or relate to the expertise available locally to carry out these unique projects, e.g. large cooling systems for power stations. In situations such as these we work out ideas together with our clients and help them realise their ambitions.

Future-proof solutions

Competition is generally based on price. However, we place the emphasis on the total cost of ownership. It is all about creating future-proof solutions, in which local partners play an important role. Our clients recognise their added value, in the form of higher quality and a boost for the local economy. Thanks to our experience and ingenuity, we can also come up with surprising, cost-saving solutions, such as modular construction. What if the client wants to invest, but financing is an issue? In that case we also take care of the financial engineering. That means we function as a one-stop shop.

Improvisation and intercultural sensitivity

Are the circumstances of a project complex and are there major cultural differences to contend with? Our people are good at improvising and have the intercultural sensitivity needed to work efficiently within their international teams. Thanks to these qualities, they are able to cooperate effectively with local partners and employees in any location. This gives our clients the confidence that we will work together completing projects with a minimum impact and in accordance with the agreements made.

5 x International Projects
  1. From idea through to completion – we take care of everything (including financing)
  2.  Best price/quality ratio during the entire life of the structure
  3. A wealth of specific knowledge of port/cruise facilities, drinking water infrastructure, large cooling systems and hospitals/prisons
  4. Intensive cooperation with local partners: employment and knowledge sharing
  5. Professionals with a high level of intercultural sensitivity