Consortium Erasmus MC Donates Vegetation to Help Recovery Patients

A pleasant, healthy and safe environment with plenty of room and attention for patients, visitors and employees. This has been realized by the consortium ‘Nieuwbouw Erasmus MC’, consisting of Ballast Nedam, BAM Bouw and Techniek and ULC.

Healing environment

Erasmus MC chose the ‘healing environment’ principle for its new hospital, which means plenty of natural light, vegetation and a warm and comfortable interior. The design of the hospital, which will be opened in 2018, is sleek, very practical and offers room to premium care and research through the application of special techniques. Patients and visitors will mostly experience the green environment.

A green environment of an outlook on nature has a positive effect on the recovery of patients. The public spaces and the courtyards will have as much vegetation and natural light as possible, thanks to the glass roof. The roof gardens within the hospital on the ninth floor are spectacular. They do not only ensure a natural appearance, but also an incredible view.

The partners in the consortium are pleased to be able contribute in a sustainable and permanent way, by donating ten fruit trees to the roof gardens of the Erasmus MC.

Sustainable contribution

The main reason for the creation of the roof gardens, is that vegetation has a positive effect on the recovery of patients. ‘Green’ has a healing effect, even when you only get an outlook on vegetation.

An additional effect is that the roof gardens will be able to absorb a lot of water. Instead of draining the water on the sewerage system, the water will be retained. In this way the roof gardens make an innovative and sustainable contribution in the prevention of flooding. The trees also absorb CO2 and convert it into oxygen.

The roof gardens are financed through donations and are accessible for patients, visitors and employees. The roof gardens of the Erasmus MC of about 3,000 m2 will become the largest of this height in the Netherlands.