A2 Maastricht Wins Schreuderprijs 2017

A2 Maastricht won the Schreudersprijs 2017, a leading award for innovative underground construction projects. A2 Maastricht won the award because of the Groene Loper plan. The jury praises the innovative double layered underground solution and the provided above ground opportunities for reconnecting Maastricht-Oost.

The Groene Loper plan

The Groene Loper plan enables a better accessibility of the city and Euregio, constant flow on the A2 at the Geusselt intersection and junction Europaplein, and new opportunities for the development of the adjacent neighbourhoods. From now on, 80% of the traffic is underground. Alderman John Aarts, chairman of Stuurgroep A2 Maastricht, says: “The contours of the Groene Loper are becoming more and more visible. Thanks to smart technical solutions, a new part of the city occurs with a pleasant living climate. The fact that the approach is also appreciated in the sector, adds to the fun of the client, constructor and the city".

From stakeholders to shareholders

Bauke Lobbezoo, director Infra at constructor Avenue 2, and Louis Prompers, director at client Projectbureau A2 Maastricht, unanimously commented: “A project is as good as the quality of the partnership. During the preparation of the project, we were given the opportunity to work with the management of Rijkswaterstaat with a visionary outlook on things, which was progressive and dared to choose another project approach. Local authorities were loyal to their own qualitative goals and made sure political circumstances were steady. Citizens and road users were critical of the hindrance that was to be expected, but became proud of the technical accomplishments in the city. In short: stakeholders became shareholders".

Sharp competition

This year the quality of submissions was high. Kustwerk Katwijk, Onderdoorgangen Zutphen and Parking Lammermarkt Leiden also competed for the award. All projects owned unique characteristics.

The Schreuderspijs

Every two years, the COB (Centrum Ondergronds Bouwen, expertise centre for underground constructions and space usage) awards the Schreudersprijs. This prize is awarded to a company or institution for a project in which the underground has been used in an innovative and sensible way.

This news item is based on the press release of A2 Maastricht.