Busy Schedule for Ballast Nedam Parking at Schiphol Airport

Commissioned by Schiphol Nederland, Ballast Nedam Parking has expanded car park P1 next to the new Hilton hotel. In less than five months time an extension of three parking layers was built. The total capacity of P1 increased with 560 parking spaces.

On Monday, September 25th, the extention was taken into use. As mentioned by the client, this was 'a project done by the book'. Thom Hienekamp (Director of Ballast Nedam Parking) mentioned: "Because we understood and trusted each other, cooperation was excellent. Placing the steel structure, laying the floor elements, laying the bridge that connects P1 with the extension; it was an oiled machine".

Demountable system

The concept of the projects is based on our modular system ModuPark, built up of a steel structure with ‘TT’ beams. These beams are manufactured by our sister company Haitsma. The work was carried out with our fixed partners Anton Betonbouw, Kampstaal, Bosman Bedrijven, Spanberg and DWM Nederland. The demountable system ensures that the car park can even be expanded to six floors in the future.

Extension P3 long-term parking

The commissioning of P1 is followed by a new assignment in the area of the Amsterdam airport. At the end of this year, the realization of the extension of the P3 garage will begin. The long-term parking facility is being extended with an extension to the existing garage. P3 long-term parking can already accommodate approximately 13,000 cars and by the end of 2018 this number will increase to approximately 15,000.