Ballast Nedam Builds Cooltower in the Heart of Rotterdam

UVastgoed has awarded the construction of the Cooltower to Ballast Nedam. An eye-catching white residential tower of 150 meters. It will the highest apartment building in the center of Rotterdam.

"After a period in which we have converted our vision to a plan, we are eager to enrich the skyline of Rotterdam with the Cooltower" (Jan Ultee, CEO of UVastgoed).

"We are very pleased that UVastgoed has given us their confidence, resulting in the addition of the Cooltower to our portfolio. The project fits perfectly our the strategy, high quality projects with a lower risk profile" (Edwin de Kuiper, Chief Business Development Officer of Ballast Nedam).

Law of large numbers

The fifty-storey residential tower of 37,000 m2 will be built in the city center of Rotterdam, between the Witte De With, the Schiedamsedijk and the Vasteland. Both the height of the building and the inner city location form a considerable challenge that matches the broad experience and execution strength of Ballast Nedam.

The Cooltower is erected between the start of 2018 and 2021 at the narrow construction site. Within the 150 metre high residential tower, the 270 units are located on the 2nd to 50th floor of the building. Divergent from 60 to 400 m2 with a magnificent view of Rotterdam. An investment of € 100 million is involved in the construction of the Cooltower.

Embedded in its surroundings

V8 architects is responsible for the design of the Cooltower. Wolf Dikken and Van Rossum in collaboration with Ballast Nedam made the design feasible. The residential tower has a striking and functionally relevant silhouette. Its center of gravity is in the middle. The balconies and the use of panoramic strip windows enabled the horizontal stacking of the 50 storeys. As a result, the tower fits perfectly in its surroundings and at every level the height has meaning. Up to 70 metres the tower meets the life on the street, beyond this height the living is defined by the panoramic view.