The Green House Opens Its Doors

The Green House is now open for business, even though talks about its development started only a year ago. For 15 years and a day, the solid circular business case will make The Green House a highly distinctive circular catering pavilion. The Green House is a restaurant with its own urban farm and meeting center. The Green House accelerates the transition from traditional to innovative circular sustainable real estate development. A development that recovers its investment and is also ground-breaking in sustainability.


Strukton, Ballast Nedam and Albron formulated the ambition to realize a circular catering pavilion, including a feasible circular business case. They have entered into a partnership of at least 15 years for the construction and operation of The Green House. Strukton and Ballast Nedam as developer, building owner, energy supplier and maintenance party and Albron as catering concept developer and operator.

Their common vision on circularity and shared core values are to be collaboration-oriented, inspiring, efficient and future-proof. These values are included in the partnership contact. The joint interest ensures a natural collaboration and created room for pioneering.

Circular incubator

The best way to apply circularity in all phases has been examined from the start. This allowed many innovations to be put into practice. The used approach is actively shared with visitors and the industry with the motto "right to copy". This makes it the circular incubator of the Utrecht area.

In order to achieve a maximally feasible and scalable circular business case, circular business models were used wherever possible. The search for an even more sustainable exploitation, preparation methods and ingredients will continue during the coming 15 years as a 'living lab'. This enables application of the successes in other fields.


The partnerships have resulted in new business modelsbased on feasibility. This allows them to be applied (daily) and achieve a healthy return, which makes them scalable both operationally and financially. In addition, the concept of The Green House can be re-used on future projects. This can be done as a complete turn-key catering concept and as separate sub-concepts that make up The Green House.


The Green House has a sound financial package. The ingenious design that significantly reduced the needed materials ánd the partnerships with suppliers who keep materials in ownership, limited the investment in the hull. Furthermore, The Green House is remontable as it can be moved to another location after 15 years and the residual value is guaranteed. The many pay-per-use partnerships has drastically reduced the term on which the return on investment is realized. The return on investment will already be achieved after two to three years, while this would normally take about five years.

Catering concept

Food & drinks connects people, businesswise or casual, and opens them to information and inspiration. The Green House facilitates that goal with circular ideas. The Green House is a place where people meet and where circularity is always present without it being thrown at you. The Green House is centred around five principles:

  • everything has a story because it has a past or a future;
  • 100% creative and fun. We do not compromise on comfort, taste and ambiance;
  • the basic principles of the Dutch Cuisine movement are our inspiration;
  • transparency. We show all and hide nothing;
  • at least 20% of the workforce consists of employees with poor job prospects.

Food, drinks and hospitality allow visitors to come in contact with each other. They remove barriers and start the sharing process. The Green House wants to make circularity mainstream. No niche or alternative atmosphere, but no exaggerated luxury either. Accessibility is key. The Green House will be a place where interested people meet in circularity and food.

The Green House has been based on a design by cepezed.