RVB BIM Norm Obtained at Rijkskantoor de Knoop

Never before has the RVB BIM Norm been achieved as quickly as at rijkskantoor de Knoop. This is in part because we were able to use our previously acquired knowledge (PPP Judicial Complex Zaanstad). This enabled us to think even better alongside the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency (DCGREA) and follow its principles in a smart way. In addition, we were able to integrate and align these principles better because of the open dialogue with the DCGREA and our partners.

Prescribe BIM standard

The DCGREA wants to have reliable information about the building stock in the future. That is why she prescribes a BIM standard: the RVB BIM Norm. The DCGREA uses Building Information Modelling (BIM, or Building Information Model) for specific, reliable and uniform information about the building stock.

In DBFMO contracts (such as in rijkskantoor de Knoop), the DCGREA applies the RVB BIM Standard as a performance requirement in the output specification. This performance requirement is thus also subject to the agreements on monitoring and payment.

In order to comply with the RVB BIM Norm, we must constantly provide up-to-date informational products, e.g. building models and drawings. These information products contain the data prescribed by the standard.

The RVB BIM Norm does keep developing alongside the developments within BIM. This is how the standard evolves and remains up-to-date.
In the coming years, the learning experiences that are currently being acquired will lead to new versions of the standard. Just like the current standard, it is expected that this will also be a bulky document. Contractors have therefore taken the lead in the development of the BIM basis ILS, which is based on applicable Open Standards such as IFC and the RVB BIM Norm. Clear agreements will enable everyone to work in the same way. It is therefore more of a confirmation of how we already work.

RVB BIM Norm used more widely

The DCGREA is not the only one to use the RVB BIM Norm. The construction of the VUmc Imaging Center is another project of several in which our clients used their own version of the RVB BIM Norm. Schiphol is also working on BIM with its own standard, using the RVB BIM Norm as its starting point. This standard is used for the projects we carry out at Schiphol (redesign and expansion of the international KLM Crown Lounge and the construction of the new A pier). That is not that surprising. The RVB BIM Norm provides up-to-date, specific and reliable information about buildings. Everyone works with the same information and forces all parties to work in a structured manner.

Rijkskantoor de Knoop

Consortium R Creators, the partnership between Strukton, Facilicom and Ballast Nedam, is responsible for the redevelopment of the former Knoopkazerne in Utrecht into rijkskantoor de Knoop. The project includes design, realization, maintenance and operation. After being commissioned earlier this year, the exploitation phase of twenty years had started. Strukton Worksphere was responsible for factors concerning installation within the RVB BIM Norm. Ballast Nedam had a coordinating role in achieving the RVB BIM Norm because of previous experience .