Project Update: Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling

Over the past two months, Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling has made great strides with their projects. In this update a few highlights:

Completion Werenfridus College

On 20 April, the completely renovated Werenfridus College in Hoorn was reopened for use. A Design & Build and an Engineer & Build project of which the delivery date was of great importance for the school, given the academic calendar. Completion succeeded according to plan. What makes this project extra special is that a large part of the original building from 1953/1957 has been retained and restored to its original state. Special details include the large stained-glass window in the old staircase and the existing gutters in the covered patio. The decorated auditorium in the patio will be the new heart of the school. The light is particularly special in the auditorium, as the rooflights that have been created ensure lots of daylight. The existing, renovated part of the school and the new building connect at the central hall.

Completion Shopping Center Grote Beer

On June 1st, the complete renovation and extension of De Grote Beer shopping center has been completed and festively opened. The original building from 1977 has been partly demolished and partly renovated. New entrances have been built on both sides, and the west side of the shopping center has been expanded. Thanks to the moving walkways and lift that have been realized, the shopping center is also easily accessible for people in wheelchairs or boosters. During the renovation, all stores remained in business as much as possible.

Apartments and catering in Egmond aan Zee

A beautiful apartment complex is currently under construction along the North Sea coast in Egmond aan Zee. Five luxury apartments and a catering space are being realized. What is special about this project is that it is taking form against an existing building which will be in use during construction. Also, building at sea requires extra attention for the applied materials in relation to the salt and the maritime climate. For example, titanium façade cladding is being used. This material is strong, light and very resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, sustainability was an important factor in design. An example thereof is the use of a balanced ventilation system with a heat recovery system. The curtain walls are also fitted with triple glazing with two air chambers for optimum isolation.

First pile Scheepmaker Haarlem

On May 29th, in the presence of future residents, the first pile of the Scheepmaker was driven. This building will create 55 homes in Haarlem. In the coming period, the piling activities will continue and the building will grow. The completion of this Design & Build and Engineer & Build project is planned for the fourth quarter of 2019. This project will be beautiful, challenging and unique due to the relatively tight construction site, the narrow supply road, a railway line and the narrow alley to another construction site.

New projects

The contracts for the projects West Beat and Hotel Asterweg, both located in Amsterdam, have recently been signed. The preparation is in full swing and the construction will start soon. West Beat was developed by Lingotto and designed by Studioninedots and is the result of a winning tender that was issued by the municipality of Amsterdam in 2016. The building along the Lelylaan will include commercial, and cultural space, meeting rooms, approximately 150 homes and an underground car park. Hotel Asterweg is also a design by Studioninedots. Heddes Construction & Development will apply modules from Ursem Modular Building Systems. It will be an 'All-Electric' (gasless) building where the ambition is to obtain a BREEAM Excellent certification.