Heitkamp 100% Part of Ballast Nedam Group

Renaissance Infrastructure B.V. (part of the Rönesans group and sole shareholder of Ballast Nedam) transferred its shares in the share capital of Heitkamp B.V. to Ballast Nedam on June 29th 2018. As a result, Heitkamp currently falls 100% under Ballast Nedam. This increases the equity and solvency of Ballast Nedam.

Ballast Nedam is taking further steps towards its vision of globalisation by acquiring Heitkamp’s shares. Ballast Nedam expects that the synergy with Heitkamp will benefit its position on the German market.

Heitkamp was established in 1892 and operates in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Finland. Offices are located in Essen and Berlin, among others. The company focuses on the industrial sector, housing, parking structures, non-residential buildings and infrastructure (including tunnels, e.g. the Gotthard Base tunnel). Heitkamp was taken over by de Rönesans Group in 2015 and has maintained a solid growth ever since. Some of their recent projects include the construction of the biggest and most modern corn mill of Europe, exclusive apartments in the centre of Vienna and the construction of a hospital in Bochum.