Cycle Bridge Nigtevecht Opened on August Third

The new cycle bridge near Nigtevecht over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal is open to cyclists and pedestrians since August third. This bridge will shorten the commute to Abcoude and will offer more opportunities to recreationists. A wildlife corridor has been constructed near the bridge, so animals can easily migrate between nature reserves. The official opening is on the 7th of September.

The new cycle bridge will allow the residents of Nigtevecht to reach the station in Abcoude in just ten minutes, so they can easily catch a train to Utrecht, Gouda or Rotterdam. In addition, recreationists can use the bridge for a nice bike ride to enjoy the nature of the Gein and the Gooi- and Vecht-region. The forts from the New Hollandic Water Line and the Defence Line of Amsterdam will also be easily accessible by bike.

Wildlife Corridor

The construction of a wildlife corridor allows for the exchange of fauna between nature reserves, which strengthens nature. Especially the deer, grass snake and otter will be able to easily cross the canal thanks to natural banks. The last proceedings will take place during autumn of this year.

Conscious Design

The bridge is designed to fit its environment. The fitting of the ramps was a challenge due to their length. On the east side, the ramp is compact, which will maintain the view for residents. The other ramp is bent. Apart from the environment, the cyclists and pedestrians have our full attention. We realised our ambition to receive a grade of 8 from the Cyclist Union. We even managed to score a bit higher.

In the upcoming weeks, the final proceedings will take place. The work on the staircase for pedestrians will be finalised, for example. During autumn, the last plants will be planted on the Abcoude-side of the canal.

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