Ballast Nedam Development launches Pure Air for a clean indoor climate

A healthy indoor climate, made possible by the revolutionary ‘Pure Air’ concept of Ballast Nedam Development in collaboration with Brink Climate Systems.

Polluted air is one of the top-three pathogens. Who doesn’t expose him selves above-average to particulate matter, will live as many as nine months longer. According to the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), citizens of large cities have a life expectancy that lies several years lower than citizens of rural areas. Cause being the air pollution. According to the World Economic Forum, in Europe 400,000 people die every year, because of air pollution. That’s fifteen times the number which represents the mortality rate caused by car accidents.

About Pure Air

More and more people are trying to have a healthy lifestyle. They watch what they eat and drink, and exercise and relax more. Healthy living can now be added. Pure Air fits perfectly in a healthy lifestyle and healthy urbanisation. That’s why Ballast Nedam Development Door launches the concept that consists of three steps to a more healthy environment: Trias Vitalis.

1. Eliminate harmful environmental influences;
2. Bring healthy air into your home;
3. Monitor the changes.

This is how the Pure Air concept approaches those three steps:

1. The houses are standard without a gas connection, energy neutral and doesn’t emit particulate matter and CO2, through the combustion of fossil fuels;
2. The house conditions the indoor air;
3. The house monitors and manages the air quality at all times.

The Pure Air concept cleanes the air before it enters the house. It consists of a balance ventilation system that recovers the heat and guides the CO2, this improves the air quality inside the house significantly. The Pure Induct is combined with the Evap air humidification system and connected to the balance ventilation system. Keeping the dangerous particulate matter outside the house. Pure Induct, a smart system ‘ionization’, that ‘charges’ the particulate matter, which makes them stick to a ‘collector’. Keeping all incoming ventilation air free of particulate matter.

The Pure Air concept also consists of the Evap air humidifier. It also manages the air humidity. Which means: no more dry eyes, skin problems or chapped lips. And also no illness-provoking fungi in your home. In addition, the energy costs for heating can be reduced.

The danger of bad air quality

On average, people spend twenty hours indoors. At work, school, in the car or train. Ánd at home. The human body isn’t ‘build’ to be indoors that long. Everbody that wants to live a healty life, should actually be outside in nature as much as possible. The current society is different and that’s why is important to keep the indoor living as healty as possible.
There’s still a lot that can be improved about the indoor air quality. All kinds of substances in the air have an adverse effect on our health. Also in our own homes, and even in homes that are brand-new. In addition, contaminated air exacerbates existing diseases, such as disorders of the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract and lungs (COPD), resulting in more absenteeism from school or work and more hospitalizations.

Actual application

Pure Air will be applied for the first time at the area development ‘De Groene Loper’ in Maastricht. This is where Ballast Nedam Development will build over a thousand homes and apartments in the upcoming years. An impressive new build project, which will create a new urban district in Maastricht. The sale of phase 1, subplan Laan van Bellevue, will start on 26 September 2018. More information can be found at

Ambition of Ballast Nedam Development

Ballast Nedam Development actively works towards a healthier living environment and likes to take the lead, doing so. The launch of Pure Air is the logical next step after the decision to develop its entire portfolio without a gasconnection. The health concept Pure Air allows us the possibility to bring a little bit of nature into homes and offers a solution to healthy urbanisation.