Ballast Nedam Increases Regional Presence with Ballast Nedam Midden

Ballast Nedam announced in her 2017 annual report that the company is back on track. By focusing on acquiring solid projects and cost management, there is a possibility to invest. By introducing Ballast Nedam Midden, Ballast Nedam will benefit from the potential Utrecht and Gelderland has to offer.

Continuing to increase regional presence

Apart from the large, complex constructions, Ballast Nedam works actively in almost all of the Netherlands in the region. Every region specific company responds to the needs of said region. These subsidiaries are Ballast Nedam West in the west of the Netherlands, Ballast Nedam Zuid in Noord-Brabant, Heddes in the north of the Netherlands, and Laudy in Limburg. Ballast Nedam also wants to be closer to her clients and local partners in Utrecht and Gelderland. This will be made possible by the introduction of Ballast Nedam Midden. This allows the organisation to increase her regional presence even further.

Ballast Nedam Midden will mainly focus on stacked construction with an industrialised approach (residences with several floors, health care real-estate, schools, and offices). This is logical, since the director of Ballast Nedam Midden, Nico Lamerichs, has lots of experience with modular construction and interdisciplinary teams.

Nico Lamerichs: “The demand for stacked construction increases by the day. This is where we see the best possibilities for the industrialisation of the construction process. It allows us to react to the growing demands whilst being flexible. Comfort and sustainability are key”.

For more information, you can go to the website of Ballast Nedam Midden.