After six years, it's time: IXAS is ready for the hand-over to the municipality

Part of the A9 Gaasperdammerweg project has been prepared for the hand-over to the municipality of Amsterdam. They will continue to take care of the maintenance of the park and the underlying road network.

Ballast Nedam has been working on this extensive project within the IXAS construction consortium since 2015. Now that the maintenance phase is starting, we are finalising the period in which we improved the accessibility of the northern Randstad and united two living environments.

As part of IXAS, Ballast Nedam has made a unique contribution to the quality of life in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost area. With the realisation of the A9 Gaasperdammertunnel, the possibility has been created for a park on the tunnel roof. This park has an important function - for the first time in history the Bijlmer is directly connected to the Gaasperdam district.

Looking back on this project

In this video we look back on this project and look at the value that the A9 Gaasperdammerweg provides for the environment:

A9 Gaasperdammerweg in a nutshell

Long story short.

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The park

In order to bring all the greenery on the roof of the Gaasperdammertunnel to life, it is important that the park remains well maintained. From a Value Engineering process with consortium IXAS, Rijkswaterstaat and the municipality of Amsterdam, it became clear how trees and plants grow best. In addition to oxygen, water and nutrition, the most suitable moment to plant the greenery also turned out to be essential. This is why the municipality of Amsterdam will sow about 1,650 kilos of seed mixtures, plant 1,850 different trees and place more than 28,000 shrubs in the planting season of 2021/2022.

The maintenance phase

Ballast Nedam remains closely involved with the A9 Gaasperdammerweg. Until 2038 the IXAS construction consortium will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the highway and the Gaasperdammertunnel. In order to implement this as sustainably as possible, we opted for more than 5,247 fixtures with LED lighting, 5,246 solar panels and 15 kilometers of light-colored asphalt. The maintenance team is also responsible for the technical installations, the management of the systems in the service buildings and the maintenance of the main road network between the Holendrecht junction and the bridge over the Gaasp.

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