Ballast Nedam scores a 7.9 for facility services

Ballast Nedam scores a 7.9 for facility services in the FM Provider Performance research! We achieved first place: an achievement of which we are proud.

In particular, our score in the field of collaboration stands out. In addition, we have also further improved from a 7.6 to a 7.9 this year in areas such as Customer Management, Innovation and continuous improvement and Flexibility.

Within Ballast Nedam, the implementation of facility services is part of our Ballast Nedam Asset Management organisational unit. The focus for the years will be on integrated projects and the definitive sustainability assignments. For example, Ballast Nedam Asset Management operates projects such as the Kromhoutkazerne and Rijkskantoor De Knoop in Utrecht. Hart van Zuid area development in Rotterdam is also part of their portfolio.

About the research

The FM Provider Performance research annually focuses on the performance of facility management providers with regard to the expressed operational and to the best management tasks: multi-service, managing agent, thorough facility management (IFM) and public-private partnerships (PPP).

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