Collaboration of Ballast Nedam/TAV and Schiphol Group ends at the A-pier project

Ballast Nedam/TAV Joint Venture (50/50) has been involved in the construction of the new A-pier at Schiphol Airport. The project has encountered significant problems, arising from a dispute  about the design, which has led to the current situation with Schiphol Group.

Despite the fact that Ballast Nedam/TAV Joint Venture (50/50) and Schiphol exerted significant efforts to find a mutual solution to resolve the dispute, unfortunately no agreement could be reached, leading ultimately to the decision of Schiphol Group to end the cooperation. Ballast Nedam/TAV regrets this outcome, moreover for all suppliers, subcontractors, and the end users of the A-pier.

Ballast Nedam/TAV and Schiphol Group have agreed to proceed with a safe and careful transition and transfer of the construction site. Ballast Nedam/TAV will continue to work on a resolution, in the interest of all stakeholders, including the subcontractors and suppliers involved.

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