Ballast Nedam N.V. appoints Eric van Zuthem as new member of the Board of Management

Mr Eric van Zuthem is appointed as member of the Board of Management of Ballast Nedam. This is in line with Ballast Nedam's growth strategy and focus on strong leadership.

Mr Van Zuthem (1968) is new to Ballast Nedam, but a well-known name in the industry. He has over 30 years of progressive management and entrepreneurial experience in all aspects of the civil engineering and building construction industry. Mr Van Zuthem has worked in various functions in many locations around the world. This suits his new position well, as he will be responsible for Ballast Nedam International Projects, Ballast Nedam Building Projects and Ballast Nedam Park & Connect.

A suitable addition

In the pursuit of remaining a healthy company, having strong leaders in the right positions is one of the key essentials within Ballast Nedam. “Only with highly qualified, open-minded and entrepreneurial employees we are able to remain successful. Because we handle some of the most complex projects of the country and abroad, having skilled and reliable people is of the utmost importance. Mr Van Zuthem, with his abundant experience and expertise, is therefore a very welcome and suitable addition to our team,” states Mr Kemal Sağlam, CEO of Ballast Nedam. 

About Eric van Zuthem

Mr Van Zuthem obtained his civil engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire, USA. From thereon, he has mostly worked at Royal BAM Group starting as an engineer and working his way up to CEO of BAM International. He has a background in strategic and operational leadership functions and business development experience. This includes the formation of large (international) joint ventures, corporate finance, commercial and risk management.

Mr Van Zuthem states: “I am looking forward to starting at Ballast Nedam and getting to know all those that are part of this great company that has a rich history and clear ambition for responsible growth in both our home and international markets. Over the next months you will find me on Ballast Nedam’s projects and offices where I’m excited to learn more about both our challenges and opportunities.”
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