Ballast Nedam and Rönesans Holding win SEAL Sustainable Product Award

Project Jonas has won the SEAL Sustainable Product Award. This award honours innovative and impactful products that are ‘purpose-built’ for a sustainable future.

Jonas, a new iconic building situated in Amsterdam's IJburg harbor is leading the way for a new era of consciously sustainable buildings, comprised of 190 mid-market rental studios, 83 owner-occupied apartments, and various supporting facilities. The building’s innovative design features irregular openings and a pre-patinated zinc facade, along with a diamond-shaped structure and elevated facade, adding a unique touch.

Showing dedication

Bramske van Beijma, Director Corporate Social Responsibility and Digital Innovation, Ballast Nedam & Board Member, Rönesans Holding, said: “We are happy to have won the SEAL Sustainable Product Award for The Jonas Project, showing our dedication to promoting sustainable living and infrastructure. At Rönesans Holding and Ballast Nedam, we believe in the importance of prioritizing environmentally conscious living and integrating sustainability measures into our projects from the very beginning. We are committed to a community-focused approach that values sustainability as a core principle, rather than an afterthought. We will keep moving forward with our commitment to sustainability.”

About this project

Jonas, a new icon for Amsterdam's IJburg Bay, is a consciously sustainable building that feels like a hotel. Ballast Nedam West sets the tone for the new way of living: from luxury penthouses to guest rooms outside your own home and a private rooftop beach.

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Highest BREEAM certification

Jonas is designed with healthy living, sustainable materials, and energy efficiency at its core, with wood and sustainable concrete used as the structure’s two leading materials. Ballast Nedam also separated construction waste into seven recyclable streams, achieving a remarkable 97% waste separation rate and the highest BREEAM certification. 

Integration with the surroundings is seamless through a communal canyon route, encouraging community interaction, while ecological initiatives such as native vegetation planting and mussel reef creation enhance its positive environmental impact. Further eco-conscious features include solar panels, low-temperature heating, and a focus on community interaction. 

With each aspect of the building, Jonas sets a high standard for sustainability and offers a fresh approach to urban living – core pillars that have led to this successful award win. The project was executed by Ballast Nedam West, one of Ballast Nedam’s local business units, specialised in building unique and sustainable construction icons.

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