Design, Construction and Maintenance of Nobo Otrobanda Hospital, Curaçao

A challenging project involving complex local conditions, carried out with local partners.

With its obsolete facilities and insufficient capacity, Willemstad’s ageing hospital was proving to be an obstacle to the provision of good-quality healthcare on Curaçao. We were awarded the contract to design and construct the new hospital, including maintaining the building for the next 15 years.

A hospital building symbolises the care that patients can expect to receive there. It needs to radiate functionality, quality, reliability and a sense of calm. On Curaçao the new hospital is also symbolic of the progress the island is making. The original plan was to build it outside the city, but after the contract had been awarded our client opted for the district of Otrobanda. As this is an inner-city area where space is in short supply, so we are also building an underground car park.

Challenging surface

At the construction site we came up against the problem of a rocky surface, which prevented us from driving in foundations in the conventional way. The solution we devised involves cutting away rock, grinding it up and using this crushed rock as a foundation. This is work that inevitably creates a certain amount of dust and noise. Some of these activities are therefore being scheduled at times when nearby schools are closed.

Making use of local expertise

We are carrying out this project together with a construction team on Curaçao and with support from the Netherlands and Turkey. That means we are cooperating regularly with local partners and local workers. In such situations there are naturally certain practical barriers that you have to overcome, such as linguistic and cultural differences. The working conditions are also very different on a tropical island. That is why we are investing a great deal of time in making agreements, providing explanations and sharing our knowledge and experience. These are things that will benefit future projects undertaken in Curaçao.


Willemstad, Curaçao

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Project Information

Project Phase: In progress

Construction Time: 2014 - 2018

Global Goals


Public buildings



Foundation for the Development of the Netherlands Antilles (SONA)


€ 130,000,000


Work started: November 2014

Planned completion date: December 2019

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Design, Construct & Maintain


Willemstad, Curaçao