Mall of the Netherlands

Realisation of the Netherlands’ largest shopping centre.

Each year, 12 to 14 million consumers will be surprised, entertained and inspired in the largest (117,000m2) shopping centre of the Netherlands. Leidsenhage becomes the Mall of the Netherlands: a magnificent ambition realised by Unibail-Rodamco in the next two years. Ballast Nedam is, among others, responsible for the facades, the rooftops and concreting.

The new shopping centre will be exceptionally beautiful, for instance with a concrete facade, which will be casted around the building like a voile and bend in all directions. To get this from paper to an actual three-dimensional building is a complex job. By means of thoughtful engineering, we ensure that the special elements of the facade are placed in the construction correctly.

High pace, minimum disturbance

The Leidsenhage shopping centre remains fully operational for shoppers, stock suppliers and active security services. Therefore, the main challenge is to maintain the strict schedule with minimal inconvenience. This requires smart solutions and a balanced team. For example, we will limit the construction site in the shopping street where we are working and we will create a construction flow’ which allows us to foreseeably work along the facades. In this way, the street doesn’t have to be fully blocked for five weeks. To further ease this process, we have people who ensure that the production is continuously running smoothly and people who are able to make clear agreements with the close environment and individual retailers.


Multiple organisations work on this large project in a way that is quite unusual for the Netherlands, namely sub-contracting. There is no main contractor, but the several sub-contractors come to a proper coordinated collaboration. This way of working fits us well in which we take on an active, connecting role.

BREEAM Certification

The project has obtained a BREEAM 4-star certificate for the design phase. Client Unibail-Rodamco aims for a high certificate when it comes to sustainability. The intended result is a BREEAM-NL 3-star certificate (Very Good).

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Leidschenhage, Leidschendam

  • non-residential construction
  • operational during construction
  • smart solutions
Project Information

Project Phase: In progress

Client: Unibail-Rodamco

Market: Private

Partners: Sub-contractors

Realisation: End of 2019

Global Goals