Ballast Nedam's parent organisation Rönesans Holding provides full assistance in affected earthquake area

We are deeply saddened and concerned about the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families and friends.

Already within hours of the first earthquake in Turkey and Syria, a rescue team from Rönesans Holding was on site to recover victims from under the rubble. These actions have been continuously carried out and further expanded since then.

Rescuing citizens

Rönesans Holding is in close contact with public institutions and organisations to help as many people as they can. On the day of the earthquake, Rönesans Holding has positioned their Yenice construction site as Coordination Centre as of 05:00 in the morning and all volunteers moved to the disaster area. Rönesans Holding has transported a French rescue team consisting of 6 volunteer mountaineer foundation members and 2 rescue dogs to Malatya, and they continue their rescue work together with the AFAD teams. Rönesans has also formed a special rescue team of 6 mountaineers and dispatched them to the region in coordination with AFAD, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management organization.

In cooperation with search and rescue teams in the region, 140 colleagues in Nurdağı and Kahramanmaraş have pulled out more than 189 people from under the rubble, including 23 children. Another 726 colleagues are also joining the rescue efforts.

On Monday, 28 trucks with emergency supplies and 2 mobile container kitchens have reached the region in coordination with the relevant institutions. Also, over 15,000 resources such as heaters, blankets and food parcels were sent to the affected area. So far, Rönesans has sent over 100 vehicles such as cranes and excavators, as well as containers and lighting masts to the affected area.

Thousands of victims have been given shelter, food and beverages in schools and hospitals maintained by Rönesans Holding. In addition, a container city of 150 containers is being built for the temporary accommodation of 800 victims.

Affected colleagues of Rönesans Holding, together with their families, have been temporarily given shelter elsewhere in Ankara. Dormitories at construction sites in the regions have also been made available for employees' families. A shuttle service runs continuously from the headquarters to a Red Cross blood bank so that colleagues can donate blood if they wish.

The Rönesans Holding family stands by Turkey and its people in these painful days as well is Ballast Nedam in close contact with her mother company and ready to assist where possible.

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