Innovation within Ballast Nedam is linked to our drive to constantly improve and to become the most effective builder. We focus on improving our products and services (Improve the Existing) as well as our processes and information provision. Through innovations we want to offer our customer added value and we are convinced that innovation leads to opportunities for sustainability.

The focal points within product innovation are energy and sustainability, modular sustainable building concepts and industrialisation of the building process. We have been going completely gasless since mid-2017, and since 2018 we are further developing sensor technology, gravity base foundations for wind turbines and modular concepts like Modupark and Ursem. We also focus on the development and application of more sustainable products (including asphalt) and we are setting up several of our own LCAs for these products.

Our focus in process and information innovations is on increasing efficiency, reducing failure costs in projects and recording data through IT systems for quality improvement and reducing direct costs. We focus on digitising the building process and virtual building, with a.o. our BIM4Project approach.

For more information, we refer to ourĀ integrated annual report.