P+R Kralingse Zoom

A comfortable and efficient public transport hub with character

A new P+R at the Kralingse Zoom that gives the entire area a boost

A park-and-ride is a functional building, but an intersection between car, bus, metro and bicycle also stimulates activity. Therefore we designed and realized an efficient and characteristic building, where travelers also like to stay. Less than eight minutes after a motorist takes the exit, he is already standing comfortably on the platform.

  • 1,040 parking spaces
  • 175 metres long building
  • 500 -metre access road


A new park-and-ride facility next to Kralingse Zoom station was intended to give the entire surrounding area a boost. Of course, it is a functional building that is used by visitors briefly and practically. At the same time, it is a landmark that gives the surroundings a sense of identity and is a catalyst for economic activity. We had the privilege of designing and building this innovative kind of P+R.


Together with Zwarts & Jansma Architects, we developed and constructed a 180-metre long building matching the curvature of the A16 motorway running alongside it. The top three levels were covered with aluminium slats, making the building a real eye-catcher. On the inside, we developed optimum routing with a lot of attention to public safety and comfort, including through the creation of natural light and dimmable lighting – so that visitors not only change their connections efficiently but do so in a pleasant environment.


The key to success was communication, both with local government and with the stakeholders in the surrounding area. For example, in order to put a large steel span in place, the railway tracks below had to be closed temporarily. This was resolved very efficiently. The railway line continued to run, requiring only a brief transfer which passengers were widely informed about. It also helped that we had all the knowledge at our disposal in-house: road construction, steel, noise protection, engineering, environment, concrete, prefabrication, you name it. We were able to coordinate all these aspects internally.


Less than eight minutes after turning off at the exit, drivers will find themselves on the train platform or at the bus stop. The experience of comfort and efficiency permeates the whole space – just as the City of Rotterdam envisaged and as outlined in the very first visualisations. Should activity in the area increase even further, the P+R is ready for this. The foundations are strong enough to support another three levels on top, doubling the capacity to 2,200 parking spaces.

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Thom Hienekamp

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Park & Connect

Thom is Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Park & Connect and, with his team, is involved in the design and construction of high-quality mobility links. Such as parking garages, bridges and viaducts. Everything is based on the principle of the learning organisation and servant leadership: the inverted management pyramid. Thom always keeps his dream in mind; a fully circular living environment. In which people can move around easily, happily and safely and connect with each other.

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