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Living and working 5 minutes from Amsterdam CS

Near the North-South line in Amsterdam, Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling has been building the Singelblok, located in Amsterdam-Noord since spring 2022. A stone's throw away from the previously completed Kavel 1N2 project, also known as 'Gare du Nord', here we are realising the project consisting of 401 social sector, medium and free sector rental homes. But there will also be space for businesses, catering and social facilities.

  • 401 houses
  • 5 minutes from Amsterdam CS
  • 66 care homes

Housing for everyone

Singelblok consists of 401 social sector, medium and free sector rental homes, taken by housing investor Vesteda and housing association Eigen Haard. In addition, part of the programme will consist of 66 homes for PerMens, which works for homeless and socially vulnerable people. The programme will be complemented by a Neighbourhood Room where residents of Elzenhagen South and surrounding neighbourhoods can meet. Finally, a limited part will be filled in as business space and parking for bicycles and cars (including a car-sharing concept). The roof of the car park will be designed as an indoor garden.

Urban and green

The starting point for the design was the combination between sufficient diversity in housing and the contribution to sustainable goals for the Elzenhagen South district; a mix of city and green. Above the houses, the roof will be fitted with solar panels. In addition, water storage measures will ensure that water in this plan will not be drained directly into the sewers. Nesting boxes will be placed on the facades of the building and green plants will be planted, which will contribute to biodiversity in the neighbourhood.

Building the fundament

november 2022

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Elzenhagen South

The new Elzenhagen South district is in the process of being developed and will transform into an urban residential area full of greenery and 1,800 homes in both the rental and owner-occupied sectors in the coming years. Homes in the Singelblok are expected to be completed in the second half of 2025.

More information?

Niels Doodeman

Managing Director Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling

Niels’ passion for building is reflected at Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling, where they face challenges together. After holding a variety of positions, he has been a member of the Board of Management since 2002. In 2011 Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling became part of Ballast Nedam, for which Niels has final responsibility as Managing Director.

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