Ballast Nedam Concessions

A number of Ballast Nedam's projects are realised under a DBFM(O)/PPS contract. This includes the design, construction, financing, management and sometimes even long-term maintenance of the project. Ballast Nedam Concessions arranges this financing. We work together with international banks, insurers and financial investors.

What do we do?

We bring together technical, legal and financial specialists so that major projects can be financed. As a result, we give city districts a new impetus, such as Hart van Zuid in Rotterdam. Or the A9 Gaasperdammerweg in Amsterdam. Our work has already led to a number of firsts in the Netherlands: for instance, for DBFM project A24 Blankenburgverbinding we worked with Korean investors for the first time.

A selection of projects

Ballast Nedam Concessions has dozens of challenging projects to its name. A selection of the portfolio:

Wat makes us different?

Ballast Nedam has over 145 years of experience as a contractor and, as Ballast Nedam Concessions, we have been financing projects for 30 years. With that knowledge and experience, we are now investing heavily in making our work more sustainable, such as connecting energy networks to our own wind turbines and/or solar panels. In doing so, we bridge the gap between builders and investors.

For which clients does Ballast Nedam Concessions work?

The projects we work on are built for public parties such as municipalities, institutions and governments. But in fact, Ballast Nedam is always Ballast Nedam Concessions' client. In fact, we only attract financing for projects built by Ballast Nedam.

More information?

Bart Buyck

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Concessions

Bart Buyck has been Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Concessions since 20018. Bart unites technical, financial and legal disciplines to structure a project in such a way that it can be financed by both equity and loan capital. Ultimately, this results in attractive business cases for Ballast Nedam, with which we can make a difference as a company.