Ballast Nedam Construction

All construction and infrastructure specialisms combined

Ballast Nedam Construction

One of our divisions

Ballast Nedam consists of four divisions. Ballast Nedam Construction is one of them and operates as a single, integrated construction and civil engineering company. It is the largest division within Ballast Nedam. Its strength lies in its people's specialist knowledge and skills, who are closely interconnected and carry out various activities within the industry. 

Short lines of communication ensure that they are close to the operation and can therefore make a difference for clients and users. Together, they have the knowledge and capacity to design and realise complex projects.

Various activities

Ballast Nedam has 18 different organisational units; 15 of these are part of Ballast Nedam Construction. This is the largest division within our organisation. 

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Ballast Nedam Building Projects mainly realises large-scale construction projects. These are generally complex (high-rises) under challenging conditions. Ballast Nedam Building Projects often works together with other business units to realise large-scale work. For example, the specialist product organisations Haitsma Beton and Hoco Beton support them in producing and designing concrete elements, which they then use in their work. This is one of the advantages of our integrated construction company.


For realising large infrastructure works such as the A9 Gaasperdammerweg and the A24 Blankenburgverbinding, Ballast Nedam combines several organisational units to realise these complex works. Ballast Nedam Infra Projects, Ballast Nedam Parking & Connect, Ballast Nedam Road Specialties and Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions. The various expertises are linked, and together they make great work possible. Tunnel and rail construction specialist Heitkamp Construction Swiss, which operates in Switzerland, is also responsible for some great works.


Several regional and independently operating companies are active within Ballast Nedam. Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling has a strong focus on the Randstad area and, as an integral construction company, can carry out all aspects of the project from design to execution. In addition, 170-year old Limburg builder Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling focuses on building in the Dutch province of Limburg. As a regional builder, Ballast Nedam Zuid has a strong focus on the provinces Noord Brabant, Gelderland and Zeeland. We also have Ballast Nedam West, which focuses on the provinces of Zuid Holland and Utrecht. Together they are the familiar face of the region, each with its own service area.

Organisation specialisms

There are three product specialisms within Ballast Nedam. The first is Ballast Nedam Materieel, which supplies all the equipment needed for the work. In addition, Ballast Nedam has its own team that looks after the project financing; they are part of the branch of Ballast Nedam Concessions. And finally, there is Ballast Nedam Asset Management, which focuses on managing integrated projects.

Product specialisms

Haitsma Beton and Hoco Beton are two of Ballast Nedam’s specialised product organisations. They develop and produce concrete elements and provide tailor-made solutions for every project. They are a total supplier for precast concrete, where the two companies strengthen each other in concrete solutions

Combined forces

Together, these different organisational units come into their own. The following projects for example have been realised: