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Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions (FES). FES focuses on the design and installation of foundations, anchorages and earthmoving work. It also includes Ballast Nedam Specialstisch Grondverzet, Van Leeuwen verankeringen and Ballast Nedam Funderingstechnieken. FES is the production company for these three expertises. Everything under one roof.

For the larger projects in construction and infrastructure, the expertises are linked together. FES operates nationally and internationally. By combining the various specialisms of anchoring techniques, foundation techniques and earthmoving, they can carry out cofferdams for Ballast Nedam Construction from A to Z.

Working methods

The company's flexibility is characteristic of its way of working. Even competing production companies have found their way to Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions because of its flexibility. In addition, the key word in cooperation is ‘to unburden’, which means that the right knowledge and expertise is deployed. This leads to efficient and often cost-saving solutions. Within Ballast Nedam, FES also serves as a knowledge centre, enabling valuable collaborations between organisational units.

The character of Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions

Managing Director Twan Spanjers believes that “everyone in our organisation is a business card for our clients. We aim for long-term relationships to build a bond in which clients know what added value we can offer. Our motivation is to enable beautiful complex works. such as the A24 Blankenburgverbinding, where we excavate thirty meters deep and install various types of foundations and anchors.”

Just different

What distinguishes FES from its competitors is the combination of three specialisms under one roof. This facilitates the solutions offered to customers to make complex building assignments feasible. But the production companies can also be deployed separately: from design to realisation, even with new equipment to be developed if necessary.

Being solution-oriented is a second advantage. A good example is the Biesbosch Amstelveen project. "Under the ground, you regularly encounter major risks that cannot be predicted in advance. We are very solution-oriented in this respect. We are very adaptable, partly because of the wide range of equipment we have. We take a multi-faceted approach and think along with you in the design phases. For example, for the Biesbosch Amstelveen project, we developed the machine to install anchors from the water," explains Twan.

FES continually challenges itself to gain insight into what optimisations are possible during the design phases.

Working safely

The team consists of thirty building site employees and thirty Technical Administrative Assistant (UTA) staff. The team aims to provide the greatest possible added value for customers. Safety is number one because, with heavy equipment, employees must be aware of the risks at all times. Talking about safety is part of the company culture.

More information?

Twan Spanjers

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions

Twan joined Ballast Nedam in 2019. He is experienced in the fields of concrete and hydraulic engineering and large-scale earthmoving. At Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions, Twan and his team have strong expertise in building solid foundations for every construction project. FES creates a strong starting point by supplying high-quality foundations at the start of the construction process.

Twan Spanjers bedrijfsdirecteur Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions