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The creators of the Gotthard Base tunnel

Heitkamp Construction Swiss GmbH

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Heitkamp Construction Swiss (Heitkamp), based in the Swiss city of Lucerne. As a specialised contractor in tunnel and railway construction, the Heitkamp team develops intelligent solutions for all kinds of underground structures, whether new construction or renovation and for special railway projects.

The processes do not focus on one part of the project, but the teams look at the whole. With this holistic approach and knowledge, they have several tunnel projects to their name, including the Gotthard Base Tunnel. With a total length of 57 kilometres, it is the longest railway tunnel in the world.

Part of Ballast Nedam

Since 2013, Heitkamp Construction Swiss is 100% owned by Rönesans Holding, our parent company. As a contractor, Heitkamp acts as an organisational unit under Ballast Nedam Infra Projects.

The currently focus on German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany, while operating with great ambition for international growth. Together with Ballast Nedam Infra Projects, Heitkamp Construction Swiss focuses on further growth to develop attractive tunnel construction projects in the Nordics.

The character of Heitkamp Construction Swiss

As a mechanical and conventional tunnelling specialist, Heitkamp Construction Swiss has a highly qualified and committed team of experts known for its broad technical competence and innovative solutions for constructing complex tunnel works. In addition, years of experience in planning and executing such complex projects give Heitkamp Construction Swiss the opportunity to offer many construction solutions.

“We always take a holistic approach to projects to provide maximum benefit to our client at all stages of the project,” says Managing director Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Innovative techniques

Heitkamp Construction Swiss creates solutions for the tunnelling and railway sectors, two industries where high and complex planning and solutions are essential. The projects the company works on involve great challenges in terms of technical details, logistics and planning, which is why Heitkamp continually works on bringing its expertise to a higher level.

Heitkamp Construction Swiss knows to apply the latest technologies in both tunnelling and railway business. Ballastless rail systems, special carriageways such as slab tracks and mass-spring systems are just some examples of innovative technologies they apply.

Longest railway tunnel in the world

De Gotthard Base tunnel is an exemplary project where Heitkamp Construction Swiss went beyond what is usual or even seemed possible in the field. "It was a huge construction project in which we developed and applied new and innovative technologies,” explains Philipp. “We delivered the project with great pride and on time." In 2015, this project was awarded the German 'Project Excellence Award 2015'.

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Philipp Kohlschreiber

CEO Director Heitkamp Construction Swiss

Since 2021, Philipp has been putting his ambition and dedication to work on the complex tunnel and railway projects as CEO of Heitkamp Construction Swiss GmbH. The technical knowledge and competence allow the team to develop innovative and systematic solutions that deliver on the changing needs of the construction business.

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