Customised for every concrete element

Design and production of concrete elements

Hoco Beton

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Hoco Beton. Hoco Beton designs and produces concrete elements, preferably with a high degree of complexity. From the northern part of Limburg, the company provides customisation for clients in the Netherlands and Belgium and is looking to expand into Germany.

Provider of complex customised solutions

Hoco Beton focuses on architectural concrete used for high-rise buildings and products with unique constructive and/or technological requirements. Clients already learn to understand the added value during the tender phase when Hoco Beton offers a customised precast concrete solution. This way of working makes it possible to build quickly, using high-quality elements.

At Hoco Beton, there is a strong focus on the client and building reliable partnerships. A flat organisational structure with short lines and attention for one another is characteristic. Employee health and safety is considered very important. Hoco Beton strives to achieve the highest possible level of safety, which is why there is a strong emphasis on safety awareness and staff involvement.
We build trust. That makes our clients confident to offer us complex issues.
Wim Comello Managing Director Hoco Beton

Valuable knowledge

As part of Ballast Nedam, Hoco Beton regularly joins forces with Haitsma Beton. This cooperation enables the company to expand further in the field of complex products.

This expertise is distinctive because they have specific knowledge of more than just precast products; e.g., they also design and develop the moulds that we manufacture in-house. The engineering department specialises in designing the most efficient detailing. This craftsmanship benefits the client.

No shortage of challenges

At Hoco Beton, they like to take on challenging projects. They work with a so-called "hololens", Augmented Reality glasses. These glasses project 3D design into reality. This development is used by quality and production staff and helps them assess and monitor quality aspects.

Focus on sustainability

The team desires to achieve sustainable production, according to Wim Comello. "In our processes, we strive to use methods that allow us to continue to make complex and complicated products as efficiently and sustainably as possible. In doing so, we develop our processes operationally. For example, if we cast concrete in precast concrete, the products are made in our factory. Industrial manufacturing is almost always better for the environment than when carried out directly on-site because of the efficient way in which the raw materials are processed." 

More information?

Wim Comello

Managing Director Hoco Beton

In 1986 Wim started at Haitsma Beton and after various positions he has been working as Managing Director since 2013. Since 2019 is he also responsible for Hoco Beton. His pride lies in the personal growth of the employees and the achievement of the two individual companies.

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