Highest point on north side of project De Groene Loper Maastricht

With a height of 30 metres, the highest point of Phase 2c within the Groene Loper Maastricht project has been reached. This is the second to last highest point on the north side, in the future one more higher point will appear on the north side of the Groene Loper in the form of a tower.

Phase 2c consists of a total of 121 residential units, including 10 townhouses in the owner-occupied segment, 32 owner-occupied flats, 38 medium-rent flats and 41 social rental flats. By building this mix of homes for various target groups simultaneously, a warm and inclusive community is created.

These homes, developed by Ballast Nedam Development, will be built by our subsidiary Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling on President Rooseveltlaan and Colonel Millerstraat. The first residents are expected to move into their new homes in the fourth quarter of 2022.

About De Groene Loper Maastricht

Over the next few years, Ballast Nedam Development will develop a total of approximately 1,176 houses and flats at De Groene Loper Maastricht, a third of which have been completed or developed. 170 homes and 41 care homes are currently under construction and approximately 170 have already been delivered. This is an impressive area development that will create a new district for Maastricht and reunite the previously divided city.

This project has a remarkably high sustainability ambition. Because the town houses and owner-occupied flats are energy-neutral, they qualify for an attractive green mortgage. The use of solar panels and heat pumps, among other things, makes this possible. It goes without saying that the houses and flats are gas-free.

The impulse for biodiversity in the city, which is characteristic of the Groene Loper, will be continued. Together with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds, nesting boxes will be incorporated into the facades, for example, in order to literally bring biodiversity into the home.

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