Project Windplanblauw successfully delivered

The works for project Windplanblauw have been successfully completed. This means that this project has been handed over to the client SwifterwinT and Vattenfall. Ballast Nedam designed and realised the foundations of the 24 turbines in the IJsselmeer and installed the park cabling.

Each of the wind turbines can deliver about 6 megawatts of power: 5.4 megawatts more compared to the old turbines at the Irene Vorrink Park. Through the green energy produced by the wind turbines, this project makes a substantial contribution to the Energy Agreement in the Province of Flevoland. Ballast Nedam is thus contributing to the energy transition through its work for Windplanblauw.

Unique cofferdam construction

For this project, Ballast Nedam developed a unique solution for installing land turbines on water, by combining the upper structure of the foundation solution - normally used on land - with the lower structure of a marine solution. This creates a cofferdam construction that forms the basis for the turbine foundations. In this way, we are applying a proven technique with this unique cofferdam construction.

The new outer dike wind turbines are part of an initiative by SwifterwinT and Vattenfall: a wind farm in the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad, where 74 wind turbines will be replaced by 61 state-of-the-art turbines with more capacity. In total, the wind farm has an installed capacity of over 335 MW. 37 turbines will be located on land and 24 in the water of the IJsselmeer.

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