Most sustainable asphalt installation in the Netherlands

Most sustainable asphalt plant in Tiel opened

On Tuesday 26 March Michèle Blom, Director-General of Rijkswaterstaat, officially opened Asfalt Productie Tiel (Asphalt Production Tiel), the most sustainable asphalt plant of the Netherlands. Shareholders Ballast Nedam, Boskalis Nederland and Van Gelder are proud that this plant can produce the most circular asphalt in the Netherlands.

35% gas reduction

The newly built plant has been designed to sustainably produce various asphalt mixtures. Two production flows can be heated separately and thus highly efficiently, resulting in a considerable energy reduction.

The first production stream contains secondary material such as milled asphalt. This stream is indirectly heated in a drum by using hot air. This prevents the burning of the bitumen, which remains on the milled asphalt. That makes it possible to heat up the material to a higher temperature than in a traditional asphalt plant. Energy can be saved, since the heated air is collected and reused. Harmful substances such as COx, NOx and SOx are immediately thermally re-incinerated, which reduces emissions substantially.

The second stream contains primary substances such as sand and crushed stone. Since the secondary substances are heated using hot air, it is not necessary to additionally increase the temperature of the primary substances in order to reach the desired final temperature of the asphalt mixture (primary and secondary stream). This results in a gas reduction of 35% with an equally high CO2 reduction.


The first tons of asphalt from the new plant already lie on the Dutch roads. Asfalt Productie Tiel expects to produce around 500,000 tons annually. At the opening ceremony, attended by around 200 guests, every invitee received a sustainable (drill) core with another novelty in the field of asphalt: a new type of mixture of 60% RZOAB. With both the plant and the new type of asphalt mixture, Asphalt Production Tiel anticipates a sustainable and innovative future.