The longest land tunnel in The Netherlands has fully been opened

The A9 Gaasperdammertunnel is now open for all traffic. With a total length of three kilometers, it is the longest land tunnel in the Netherlands. 

To make drivers feel safe, the tunnel has been built according to the National Tunnel Standard. There are 466 speakers, 140 fans and more than 1000 kilometers of cables in the service corridors. Van Nieuwenhuizen speaks of "the largest road construction project of the past ten years" and calls the tunnel crucial for the accessibility of the northern Randstad.

A new chapter

Despite the fact that all tunnel tubes have now been opened, the work is not done yet. We will work on a large park on top of the tunnel to connect the neighborhoods in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. We will also place five thousand solar panels on the roof, to generate enough power to keep all the matrix boards and lighting in operation.

Ballast Nedam is proud partner of IXAS: a partnership between Ballast Nedam, Heijmans, Fluor and 3i. Together, we widen the A9 highway between the Holendrecht and Diemen junctions to improve the accessibility of the northern Randstad region as well as quality of life in South-East Amsterdam.