Ballast Nedam is even more committed to using sustainable equipment

Ballast Nedam is getting closer to zero-emission construction sites and has committed to even more sustainable use of equipment. For mobile cranes, the focus is on the reduction of transport distances and the use of electric cranes or the use of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) as fuel. This focus is also included in a new framework agreement with Saan for the hiring of mobile tele-cranes and tower cranes.

“This framework agreement is in line with Ballast Nedam's strategy of working on a CO2-neutral construction site”, says Bramske van Beijma, Corporate Director Social Responsibility. "Reducing emissions benefits the environment and the health of the people in the vicinity of the machines."

Signing this 3-year contract is another big, sustainable step. Ballast Nedam has been certified on the highest standard of the CO2 performance ladder since 2012, but continues to challenge itself even further. Procurement Officer Dick Knegt: “The world around us is changing and we have to keep up with this. Ballast Nedam, and in this case Saan, anticipate this by opting for even more electrical equipment to be used at project level.”

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