Ballast Nedam works safely with renewed GPI

We are striving for an accident-free Ballast Nedam. That is why an improved safety instruction is available for everyone who enters the construction site. This updated Generic Gate Instruction (GPI) has been active since 23 November 2021 and is more practical with videos to choose from. The GPI is an additional way to start the conversation about safety. 

Since 1 April 2019, the Generic Gate Instruction (GPI) has been mandatory at all construction sites in the Netherlands of construction, utility, infrastructure and installation companies affiliated to the Governance Code Veiligheid in de Bouw (GCVB). The initiative focuses on increasing and stimulating safety and safe behaviour at construction sites and a smooth uniform gate process.

GPI at Ballast Nedam

"By all doing the GPI and talking about safety together, safety awareness is increased and therefore the risk of accidents is reduced," says Geert van der Linde, Director HSE at Ballast Nedam. "Our GPI coordinators distribute material to help them rediscover the new GPI and start talking about working safely together. Having a conversation about safety is of primary importance. After all, safe working on a construction site starts with a safe working culture in which you dare to ask questions and are listened to. It's all about looking after each other, so that everyone goes home safely after a day's work."

Having a conversation about safety is of primary importance.
Geert van der Linde Director HSE Ballast Nedam

Caring about safety

The renewed GPI 4.0 is practice-oriented and contains about 45 short videos to choose from, with practical situations to be assessed and 45 additional videos with feedback on those. These videos were filmed at various (construction) sites, including maintenance sites.

In the coming months, a special campaign will help construction site workers and managers to rediscover the new GPI and to start the discussion about working safely together. For this purpose, information and supporting material for construction sites, such as toolboxes and posters, are available on the GPI website.