Safety. Always. Everywhere. Everyone.

Every day, we work with our colleagues on challenging projects. We are proud of that. But our work also involves risks, circumstances that change from day to day and time pressure. Our people and partners must always be able to do their work safely. So they go to work in good health in the morning and come home in good health in the evening. Always. Everywhere. Everywhere. We all contribute to this.
If we see that things can be done better, we raise the bar and challenge what is already there. This applies to everyone: from designers, supervisors, planners, construction site workers and managers to crane operators. From tendering and design to execution and delivery. Safety and good performance go hand in hand.

News and stories about safety

We keep improving in the field of safety. Read all about it:

Take Care: one video, one message

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An eye for each other

Incidents and accidents have a major impact. For those involved, families, colleagues. That's why we take care of each other and do our utmost to protect each other.

We find it important that colleagues take initiative, bear responsibility and speak to each other when necessary. Helping each other when things get exciting and being open to the help of others. That is why clear principles and agreements apply to everyone who works for Ballast Nedam, including our supply chain partners.

Our principles and agreements

"Working safely means always continuing to improve."

With 30 years in the construction industry, Bas Machielse has a lot of experience. Regular talks and toolboxes on safety help him to stay focused. "In time, there will be new insights and different things will be important than what we are paying attention to today. We must therefore continue to improve and learn."

Bas tells his story

Our key points

To deliver on our safety promise, we challenge ourselves to improve every day. This is how we build a caring culture that is the basis of our healthy organisation.

Within this culture, we are committed to strengthening personal leadership in safety. That applies to everyone and we ask that always and everywhere. We regard our subcontractors as crucial partners with whom we seek cooperation on an equal basis.

We work with simple and clear principles and agreements. Because if everyone knows and understands these, it will be easier to stick to them. We improve mutual communication, and we ensure that we learn smarter and faster from our experiences. In this way, we strengthen our learning organisation.

Safety is a part of our entire process, from tender to delivery. We investigate all incidents because we want to learn from our incidents and accidents. We share the lessons learned with all colleagues to reduce risks even further. Because if we think carefully in advance, we reduce the risk of incidents.

'Safety in Tendering: a starting point'

Board member Olav Padberg: "We shouldn't compete on safety, that's what we strongly believe in. Making the entire sector safer is only possible if we work together, apply the same rules and take responsibility."

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