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At Ballast Nedam, working safely is our number one priority

At Ballast Nedam, working safely is of primary importance. Always. Because health is the essence of our existence. Because we believe that working safely is one of the pillars on which a healthy organisation rests. And because we care for each other. That is why safety is essential in every step we take. Always. Everywhere. Everyone.

We make a promise to everyone who is involved in our projects: we work safely, and we ensure safety together. That goes for everyone: from designers to site supervisors, from planners to construction site employees, from managers to crane operators, from the tender and the design to the execution and completion. Safety and good performance go hand in hand.

Leadership, principles and agreements

We aspire to be an injury-free Ballast Nedam. When it comes to this, everyone must play a part. Every individual knows best how to assess and manage risks that are a part of the job. And how to act on them. We call this 'our leadership in safety'.

We take this seriously, which is why clear principles and agreements apply to everyone working at Ballast Nedam, including our partners. These principles and agreements are based on communication and responsibility.

Our principles and agreements

'I want everyone to feel safe here.'

Conrad Hordijk is Site Manager at A24 Blankenburgverbinding. His ambition is to make his site the cleanest and safest site in the Netherlands. 'I started working at Ballast Nedam in 1988. Ever since, I have seen the safety awareness improve rapidly.'

Conrad's story
Our key points: 

To deliver on our safety promise, we challenge ourselves to improve every day. This is how we build a caring culture that is the basis of our healthy organisation.

Within this culture, we are committed to strengthening personal leadership in safety. That applies to everyone and we ask that always and everywhere. We regard our subcontractors as crucial partners with whom we seek cooperation on an equal basis.

We work with simple and clear principles and agreements. Because if everyone knows and understands these, it will be easier to stick to them. We improve mutual communication, and we ensure that we learn smarter and faster from our experiences. In this way, we strengthen our learning organisation.

Safety is a part of our entire process, from tender to delivery. We investigate all incidents because we want to learn from our incidents and accidents. We share the lessons learned with all colleagues to reduce risks even further. Because if we think carefully in advance, we reduce the risk of incidents.

Our COVID-19 policy

The COVID-19 virus has placed the world in a unprecedented situation. Ballast Nedam pursues a proactive policy to minimise the effects of COVID-19 on business operations and operational activities and projects. Ballast Nedam has formed a COVID-19 Crisis Team and is in close consultation with its clients, stakeholders, and employees to ensure that our projects are completed as safely as possible.

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'We organise safety with care'

Executive Director Martijn Smitt heads the COVID-19 Crisis Team within Ballast Nedam. "We take this approach primarily so that our people do not get ill and secondarily to ensure that our operational activities can continue."

At the start of the corona crisis, Ballast Nedam was one of the first in the construction sector to be prepared for working safely within the new regulations.

This is how we do it

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